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British model-turned-actress Lily Cole has bought a bookshop in London to save it from closure.

Cole became involved with Claire de Rouen Books, which specialises in photography and fashion, after the death of its founder left it in jeopardy.

She bought the store with her friend Lucy Moore, who now runs the shop in the Soho area of the capital, and Cole is proud to be keeping the business alive.

She tells the London Evening Standard newspaper, “I part own a bookshop for some strange coincidence of reasons, and it is one of the best things I part own in my life, or own in my life.

“Every time I come, I walk by, I come upstairs and I look around and see what is new and open and find new treasures and discoveries, I feel so proud of it.”


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Model and actress Lily Cole is to make her full stage debut as Helen of Troy in a theatrical reworking of The Iliad by poet Simon Armitage.

Cole will star in Armitage’s play The Last Days of Troy in Manchester and London in May and June.

It is described as a “visceral reworking” of Homer’s epic poem about the Trojan War, in which Helen is said to be the world’s most beautiful woman.

Cole is best known as a supermodel but has also appeared in a string of films.

Her big screen credits include the 2007 St Trinian’s remake, Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and 2011 horror The Moth Diaries.

On stage, she has previously appeared in The Old Vic’s one-off 24 Hour Plays and a Cambridge University production of The Seagull.

The Last Days of Troy will open at Manchester’s Royal Exchange theatre on 8 May before transferring to Shakespeare’s Globe in London on 10 June.

Armitage described The Iliad as “a great action story”.

He added: “The war itself is a story of east versus west, so I don’t think it’s too hard to see the parallels with the contemporary political world.”




The meat-free celebrities were awarded the title be People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for their support of issues the organisation is concerned about during the year.

Comedian John has been veggie for nearly 30 years and starred in Peta’s campaign Chicks Love A Vegetarian, as well as posting a photo of a cooked chicken carcass on Twitter with the caption: “People ask why I am vegetarian… give me a carrot any day.”

Model Lily recently became vegan when she decided that ditching meat, eggs and dairy products would make her feel better.

Over the summer she used her status in the fashion and beauty industry to speak out about shark liver oil being used in moisturisers, conditioners and lipsticks without any information about where it has come from.

She said: “When people are made aware of this and understand the issue they can then make informed choices, and markets always follow consumers.”

Previous winners of the sexiest vegetarian title have included Leona Lewis, Anthony Kiedis, Eliza Doolittle, Jay McGuiness and Russell Brand.

John and Lily will both be given framed certificates and vegan chocolates by Peta.


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Inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution, in association with Environmental Justice Foundation, RED SHOES is a journey through a dark, enchanted space where decay and opulence sit side by side.

The dance of death must end. Trapped in its hostile environment an animal will die. It will try to leave. It will leave but there is nowhere to go. Lily dances, trapped in a macabre and beautiful nightmare, swept up in a fight against pain, suffering, greed and

RED SHOES is a dance for truth, for freedom and for life. We must stop climate change to avoid our total catastrophe.

Climate Revolution working with Environmental Justice Foundation asks you to help Climate Refugees by filling out a free online postcard which will be delivered directly to the UN:

Vivienne wrote:
Anyone who gets home late from work and finds she’s forgotten the key. What a disaster!
My home is my refuge.

Lily wrote:
Planet earth is our home. Yet climate change now makes someone homeless every second.

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Lily was recently featured on AOL’s original series Acting Disruptive, which goes behind the scenes of businesses and passion projects of Hollywood’s top celebrities. Lily sat down to talk a little about her social network Impossible, and then visits with a graffiti artist and helps him to spray paint a photo of her face on a wall.

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Miscellaneous > AOL’s Acting Disruptive (Dec. 2013)


As a supermodel who has graced catwalks and magazines across the world, Lily Cole has already lived the dreams of many young girls.

But now the actress, entrepreneur and activist is aiming to make others’ wishes come true with her new online venture.

The multi-talented Cambridge graduate has launched her Impossible.com social networking site as an online “gift exchange” where people make a wish, and then others are encouraged to make it come true.

And Lily is also harnessing the power of the simple “thank you” on the site as well.

How very festive

We caught up with Lily as she helped to explain the new concept over at a launch bash at the hip Kosmonaut bar in the Northern Quarter.

She explained that the wishes made can be anything from wanting to learn a new language to something slightly more abstract like “I wish I didn’t feel alone”, with the aim to bring people together in acts of kindess.

“It’s connecting supply and demand in a non-monetary space, and recognising that goodwill in the community. So that means saying thank you too. It’s an underrated value!,” says Lily.

“If someone is nice to you for no reason, it gives you a sense of kinship and that’s actually what I’m trying to do.”

She has been working on the website for the past two years, and hopes eventually it will become a “global conversation”. But the aim is for people in the same cities and towns to come together to help each other, for example if someone wishes there was a local yoga class, someone in the same area with those skills could make it happen.

While she is known for her striking looks that made her an in-demand model from the age of 16, Lily, 25, is now keen to be seen more for her creative interests away from the catwalk.

Given all those career roles already of model, actress, entrepreneur and activist, I ask how she would describe her title. She laughs: “What about human?”

As for Lily’s wish?

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“I just wish that this [impossible] keeps on happening. It’s such a beautiful, positive way to be with one another.”



The fashion icon on breaking into the boys’ club of silicon valley to launch her own social network

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